Security Alert: GoDaddy phishing scam

I've just become aware of a potential security threat for those who have their web sites hosted at GoDaddy. The following links explain the situation in more detail:
Here's the summary:
1. Scammers are circulating a fake e-mail that appears to be from GoDaddy. Clicking the link in the e-mail takes you to a log-in page that appears to be legitimate and prompts you to enter your username and password.
2. With that information, the scammers log-in to your GoDaddy account and add subdomains or new DNS entries that take your URL visitors to their sites. There, the visitors are infected with malware of various types.
What to do:
1. Be on the alert for complaints from visitors to your sites. A series of complaints may indicate a problem.
2. If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from GoDaddy, do not click on the links in the e-mail. Instead, visit GoDaddy's site directly to accomplish what needs to be done. After log-in, check your messages on the GoDaddy admin page to see if you've also received a notification there.
3. You may also want to check for unauthorized subdomain creation or nameserver assignments. After log-in at GoDaddy, click "My Account" and launch the manager for "Domains". Check your domains and subdomains. Click on the domain name to check your nameserver assignments.
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