Easily Create A GoDaddy Admin

We hate vendor lock-in as much as you do. At Web Designs by Robert G. Pitts, that's why we encourage our clients to secure their own web hosting plan independent of us. You should do the same for your web projects.
But once you have hosting in place, how do you share log-in details with your webmaster without also giving access to sensitive information like credit card numbers?
Well, GoDaddy has a solution that's easy to implement. It's called Hosting Account Administration, and it protects your privacy while giving your webmaster access to build or transfer a web site to your server.
Start by signing up for a GoDaddy account and choosing the web hosting plan you like. Your webmaster can help you pick the best one. Then, sign into your account and launch the web hosting control panel. Click "Change Account," select the account you want to use, and then click "Account Admin." Click "Add New."
Once you fill in the details, your account administrator will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm the new arrangement – after which you can log back into your GoDaddy account and assign the permissions he/she will need to work on your site.
Revoking permissions is just as easy. Simply log into your account manager, click "Settings" and "Account Administrator," then click "Revoke Permissions" next to the admin you want to remove from the account.
Here are a couple of links with more detail on setting up GoDaddy account administration:
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